Christie Ridgway



Bachelor-about-town Jay Buchanan has sworn to go a year without women, but a guy’s gotta eat so he puts out feelers for a private chef. If the best applicant’s female, so what? More needs to come out of his Malibu kitchen than peanut butter and beer, and he’s in no mood for romance anyway.

Long ago Nikki Carmichael learned to put up her guard when it comes to men, and her new client, Jay Buchanan, is the manliest man she’s ever met. She figures ignoring his magnetism will turn him away…but instead it backfires, and Jay is only further intrigued by the woman who refuses to fall at his feet.

They flirt, they fight, they ultimately share a bed and then their deepest secrets…but can these two trust that what seems like a summer fling is truly the love of a lifetime?


Juliet Weston moves to Malibu for a fresh start and with the belief that her chance at love is over. But one glimpse of the wet and naked muscles of a hunky former soldier has her tingling…and wondering if there’s a life for her beyond loss.

Noah Smith has watched Juliet from afar for months and now he thinks it’s time to make his move. The blonde beauty is uptown all the way, but overcoming his rougher upbringing has taught him that quitters aren’t winners…and he intends to triumph.

In this California paradise, two lonely hearts find a blistering passion—that could become a blissful forever.


Brooding Gabe Kincaid pretends to be annoyed by the meddling of his tenant and “friend” Cassandra Riley, but in truth the woman’s generous ways are what’s keeping him going. A past tragedy has shut down his emotions—except for the lust that keeps bubbling up when he’s around his sexy and beautiful next-door neighbor.

Cassandra Riley knows it’s dangerous to want Gabe—and to want to save him from himself. But she can’t help but reach out to the handsome, moody man. All her life she’s longed for family but Gabe’s adamantly against being a husband and having kids. What’s a woman to do?

Resistance is futile and finally Gabe and Cassandra are setting the sheets on fire. But not until a threat looms over their idyllic world of sand and sea do the pair truly see what they have together…and what they just might lose.


Three graduates of the first all-female class of the prestigious Continental Butler Academy go surfside at Billionaire’s Beach to find work, play…and love. Read the first of their stories in The Scandal!

Sara Smythe sought refuge from unwanted notoriety at the Nueva Vida estate in Malibu, California. As the butler, it’s up to her to turn the empty house into a welcoming showplace, though the owner isn’t in residence…until he arrives one fateful day.

Wealthy businessman Joaquin Weatherford seeks peace and quiet too—only to discover he has a housemate in the guise of a sexy and beautiful blonde butler. He’s been immersed in work, but now he has time to smell the roses—and the perfume of the oh-so-tempting Sara. Neither is looking for romance, let alone love, but under a California sun two wary hearts will open to a brighter future together.


Sun, sand, and secret sisters star in three full-length romances set beachside in beautiful Malibu.