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One Look Excerpt

CHAPTER ONE Poppy Walker pushed open the door of Johnson’s Grocery, wiped the soles of her scruffy boots on the non-skid mat, and mentally reviewed the list of ingredients she needed to lift the family curse. Someone hailed her from the back of the store, where a butcher’s case held fancy cuts of grass-fed beef, […]

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The Seduction Sneak Peek

Chapter 1 Kindle   iBooks     Kobo    Nook Emmaline Rossi strolled into the huge master bedroom closet of the Malibu, California estate where she worked and thanked whatever hand of Fate that had landed her the job. Reaching up, she hung onto a nearby hook the plastic-shrouded suits delivered by the dry cleaners. […]

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Excerpt Love Me Two Times, Rock Royalty #8

Chapter 1   Yeah, Beck Hopkins thought, you could go home again, but that didn’t mean you should. Being back at the compound in LA’s Laurel Canyon where he’d grown up as one of the “Rock Royalty”—the name Rolling Stone magazine gave to the nine collective children of the most famous rock band in the […]

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Excerpt: KNOX

Chapter 1 Knox Brannigan filled a pint glass with a local craft brew and wondered when the night before the new year had turned so damn lonely. Behind the long, scarred bar at The Wake, a popular watering hole in Santa Monica, California, he worked on the next drink order and watched over the raucous […]

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