Christie Ridgway

Make Him Wild

In Make Him Wild, youngest Baci sister Alessandra plans to renovate an old cottage at the Tanti Baci winery into the perfect wedding destination. But when her contractor bugs out and she can’t find other reliable help, she’s forced to turn to Penn Bennett, the star of a popular renovation TV show. But the man makes her crazy and makes her feel in ways that someone known as the “Nun of Napa” has no business feeling…

Penn Bennett has good reason to steer clear of women, but when he’s roped into Alessandra’s project he finds the dark-haired Baci girl irresistible. It’s all fun and games in his mind—after all, he’s just a temporary visitor to the Napa Valley—but as the sawdust settles, he sees clearly into his own heart and finds himself very serious indeed about the enticing beauty.

Note: This book was previously published as Crush on You. This edition includes some extras.

Make Him Want

In Make Him Want, middle sister Stephania “Stevie” Baci reluctantly steps in to act as the winery’s wedding coordinator. The happy couple? None other than Stevie’s ex and the princess—the real princess—he’s engaged to marry. But Stevie’s determined to hold her head high and to follow through on her vow to avoid all personal romantic entanglements. That is until the bride’s brother, sophisticated Jack Parini, Prince Jack Parini, promises to stick close, very close, until the I do’s are over.

Jack Parini will do anything to see his little sister happy, including ensuring the wedding coordinator stays on task. But soon he’s not thinking about anything but how to get the long-legged, brash and beautiful Stevie into his bed. It’s not until he has her there that Jack begins to realize he doesn’t ever want to let her go…though convincing her to take a risk on him might prove impossible.

Note: This book was previously published as Then He Kissed Me. This edition includes some extras.

Make Him Stay

In Make Him Stay, Giuliana Baci, oldest of the three sisters, has returned to her hometown to manage the mess that is the Tanti Baci winery. They agreed to give it a year before selling out, but as the deadline approaches, complicating matters is the tension between her and her neighbor and first love, Liam Bennett, who has been smoldering at her for months. Their past left scars but hasn’t cooled the desire they feel for each other. Can she continue to keep him at arm’s length?

Liam Bennett has not for an instant forgotten Giuliana and what he’s always felt for her. But the woman maddens him even as he’d do anything to make things right between them…if only so they can move freely on to their separate lives. Once passion overwhelms their qualms and they tumble into bed, however, Liam realizes he doesn’t want to live on past memories of his Baci girl. Instead, he must persuade her they are meant to have a future too.

Note: This book was previously published as Can’t Hurry Love. This edition includes some extras.