Christie Ridgway


One Look

A brooding hero escapes to a mountain hideaway, but a cheery neighbor with her own secrets won’t let him stay alone for long in this steamy, full-length, swoon-worthy romance.

“A sizzling combination of heat and heart.” #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy

Poppy Walker dreams big. Right now she’s determined to turn her family’s dilapidated mountain cabins into a successful resort, no matter what anyone says, and no matter how long it’s taking. So, when a devastatingly handsome stranger arrives on site, wads of cash in hand and asking for a month of privacy, she’s tempted to take him as her first guest…and then she’s tempted to take him on as something so much more.

Ryan Hamilton just wants a place to hole up with his dark memories for a few weeks. But a sunny beauty with a spring in her step keeps luring him out of his cave and makes him smile, laugh, kiss. She’s irrepressible, their attraction’s combustible, and it turns out that an affair with Poppy Walker is just plain…irresistible.

When Ryan finds out that the bright-eyed optimist in his arms has hurts of her own, can he find a way to make them both happy?

One Kiss

Following an awkward morning-after, can a cautious woman let loose her heart and a rugged loner learn to be a family man?

“A sizzling combination of heat and heart.” #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy

How could a birthday go so wrong? After a chance meeting with a handsome stranger, Shay Walker decides to gift herself with a names-free, one-night fling. After all, she’s spent her whole life toeing the line. But when morning comes, her handsome stranger doesn’t disappear from her life as she’d assumed. Instead, she discovers he’s the man who signs her paychecks—the absent father of the teen she tutors full-time.

Jace Jennings knows nothing about being a dad, but his teen daughter needs a parent, and it’s time to step up. But now he realizes his household includes the live-in tutor…who is none other than the beauty he hooked up with one unforgettable night. For the sake of the girl, he and Shay agree to pretend the interlude never happened, but memories that hot refuse to stay buried…

One Night

The last thing landscaper Brett Walker wants is to fall for a rich girl from the swank side of the mountain resort, but when Angelica Rodriguez is nearby he loses his sense…and just maybe his heart.

“A sizzling combination of heat and heart.”--#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy

Brett Walker might have two sisters on the brink of making marriage commitments, but he’s not ready to promise a lifetime to any woman. That most especially includes tempting and beautiful Angelica, one of the resort area’s wealthy visitors. They come from two different worlds.

Angelica Rodriguez wants family, friends, and a place to sink her roots deep. But now that her father has swindled away her savings, what she needs is a job. When Brett’s sister offers her work and his other sister says she can stay at the family cabins, Angelica can’t say no—though it means becoming up-close-and-personal with the maddening and oh-so-masculine Brett, who makes her want to say yes, yes, yes.

One Love

A fiery reunion with her first love spells trouble for hometown girl Mackenzie Walker when Zan Elliott makes it clear that he’s just temporarily in town…though perhaps permanently in her heart.

“A sizzling combination of heat and heart.”--#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy

Mackenzie Walker is attempting to enjoy the last of her siblings’ weddings when her long-lost first love, Alexander “Zan” Elliott, crashes the reception. During the last ten years she’s cultivated her reputation as tough and unsentimental, but one glimpse of Zan softens her heart and sets her pulse racing. But he claims to be a short-timer in the area and she’ll never admit—not even to herself—she’s been carrying a torch for him all this time.

Zan Elliott has business at Blue Arrow Lake and then he’ll go right back to his wandering-the-world life as a documentary filmmaker. But seeing the Walkers again, seeing Mac again, brings back the best of childhood memories. There are lessons he learned then too, however. Love means loss and starting things up once more with Mac might ultimately hurt them both. Yet battling his feelings is getting more difficult by the day…